7KN_7119 Hair & Fashion Rehearsal 2-18-2017.jpg photo by Denton Mitchell

I’m Ashley Goins. I own my own styling company called “Show Stopper”. I’m a wardrobe stylist, publicist, shopper and an artist. I was born and raised in Oakland California. At six, I developed a talent for singing and dancing. At 8, I began acting.  All the way up to my childhood, I dreamed of being an entertainer. Every singer I loved: Usher, Beyoncé, TLC, Brandy, Britney Spears and Mariah Carey.   Then came reality, my parents, especially my father was very strict on me and my brothers on getting an education. He was very supportive but he want us to put our dreams on the side to focus on school. At 14, I started dressing up Barbie dolls online. That’s where my passion as a fashion stylist started. When I was 20 years old, I got really serious about being in the industry so I transferred to Sacramento State to major in Fashion Merchandising. While in school, I volunteer and intern with Hannah Be of Retrospect Vintage Fashion, Duane Ram( Sacramento Fashion Week),Winnie T. Stackz, Kushinda Little, and Pete Hayes of Denim Spot. In December 2016, I graduated from California State University, Sacramento with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sciences: Fashion Merchandising and Design.

In Spring 2015, I participated in my school’s fashion club’s fashion show as a fashion stylist to participate a styling showcase competition. I won the showcase along with another stylist because it was a tie. That’s when I take my styling career seriously. I continue to network after network to get styling opportunities I did image consulting for photo shoots with Daniel Laukat. Also, independent films for Sacramento Fashion on Film 2016.

Not only I style but I do publicity for fashion boutiques and entertainment. One pivotal moment in my career is I met two Hollywood producers from Warner Bros at 2016 Sacramento Fashion Week. That’s where I met my second client-to-be: Matt Bingham. On my 23rd birthday, Bingham hired me as his publicist and wardrobe stylist.
My goal is to be a fashion stylist for the entertainment industry, known as Hollywood fashion stylist. Films, Music Videos, Television, and Live Performances.